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ABOUT Ron Ovitt

Ron Ovitt is an author, ordained minister, pastoral counselor, recovery 

coach, podcaster, and public speaker. Ron has studied both at the undergraduate and graduate level in Clinical Psychology and has participated in many different seminars and courses.  Always current in the latest research, Ron has a grasp on neuroscience, trauma recovery, and anxiety.  He also has training in practices such as Neurofeedback, EMDR, CPT, Poly Vagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing, and PTSD Growth techniques.

Besides his lifetime experience of teaching and preaching, Ron has given over 500 lectures on habits, addictions, and emotional & spiritual-related topics.


Ron’s theory of Emotional Relearning™ was produced from his personal journey and his professional experience of counseling. He has taught a one-year Emotional Resilience class to hundreds of people and many more through online streaming. He specializes in emotional resilience, anxiety, habits, relationships, and Christian spirituality.


Besides just books, Ron also has classes, workshops , & lectures available!

  • Your Habit Challenge

  • How You  Are Wired For Ministry

  • Overcoming Anxiety 


Uplifted Youth

“Such powerful teachings and resources!


Ron has opened our eyes to the various life issues that we are facing and how to deal with them.” 

-Moraine Valley Church, IL 

Ron's Reviews


"For the last thirty years I have studied the process of change and how it happens.  I have led successful programs on addictions and emotional illness, helping people make successful personal changes in their life.


My goal has been to help people become their own Change Agent! I would love to help you, your group, church or business to navigate through the process of change."

-Ronald Ovitt

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