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The Mission Of Empower Ministry Is Twofold

1. To empower individuals to be spiritually and emotionally resilient.

2. To  empower the Church to reach people in need in their Church and communities.


There is a great unmet need

Many people struggle with emotions, habits, and addiction. The problem is that most people are not getting the help they need. For those without insurance, the high costs keep them away. Even those that can afford the service don’t always receive enough sessions to make long-term changes. Finally, if everyone that needed it could get help, there are not enough counselors worldwide to meet the need. Empower Ministry has created products to help with anxiety, addiction, emotional resilience, childhood trauma, PTSD, suicide, and ADHD. These are issues that affect every family, and Christianity speaks to each one.


Empowering People

The goal of Empower Ministry is to help people by providing materials that will help them spiritually and emotionally.



Our brochures cover five common topics--depression, chemical dependency, anxiety, anger, and relapse prevention.  



Our e-booklets cover various aspects associated with emotions, habits, and addiction. They will help individuals and can be used as study materials for church and community groups. 


Books and Classes

We have written books and produced video instructed classes that can be seen online or in a class situation.


Spiritual Growth

5 Signs of a Healthy Christian

 Wired for Ministry

 Moment In The Word


 Holy Spirit

 Lies We Believe (feel) Are True

 Spiritual Gifts surveys and explanations


Emotional Issues

 MindSkills For Emotional Regulation

 Emotional Resilience – Living with the Fruit of the Spirit

 Overcoming Anxiety

 PTSD Growth

 Emotional Relearning


 Completing the Twelve Steps

 Habit Challenge

 Keeping a Clear Conscience

 Overcoming Triggers


Podcasts and Videos

We have numerous videos and podcasts covering many topics featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Teachable, and Udemy.

Empowering Churches

Empower Ministry was created to empower churches to be involved in need-based evangelism by empowering the congregants to overcome their emotional and spiritual needs through classes, videos, podcasts, books, and literature. They, in turn, will be able to share with others the freedom they have found.


Having been in church and para-church ministry all his adult life, Ron is uniquely qualified to help the Church become missional. As a Director at World Relief, Vice President of One Hope United and Adventures in Missions, Executive Pastor and Pastor of Outreach, Ron started many outreach programs, including a Church non-profit that did cutting-edge community outreach.


Why is the church is not effectively evangelizing?

People aren’t trained how to converse about faith

People aren’t involved with their Spiritual Gifts or ministry passions

Christians don’t know the Word

The congregation leaves it to the professionals

We are living with anxiety, depression, relational issues, addictions, and financial issues, and sharing

about a victorious Christian life feels hypocritical


By offering our materials, we want to position the Church as a place to meet Spiritual, emotional, and personal needs.


Empower Ministry has three unique programs to help equip the church for outreach


Five Signs Of A Healthy Christian

This course includes a book and video instructed class. The five signs that the Church is challenged in are:

A. Loving Jesus

B. Loving the Word of God

C. Being emotionally resilient

D. Being Spirit-led

E. Being outwardly focused


Wired For Ministry

Ron has taught his Wired For Ministry program to thousands of individuals,

including five years at Moody Bible Institute for every incoming student. His Spiritual Gifts materials have been used by over a million people. Having successfully run multiple outreach programs, Ron created the Wired For Ministry program to help Churches better utilize their congregation for outreach. The goal is to help everyone in the community understand how they were created for Ministry in 4 key areas:

A. Skills

B. Spiritual Gifts

C. Mission Drive

D. Ministry Preferences


Activate – Church Ministry Database

We take the Wired For Ministry survey information and create a unique church ministry profile. We also put the information in our Activate database to match people with ministries they are interested in and qualified for. 


For more information on how we can help you or your church contact Ron Ovitt at

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