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Video Courses

Some of us don't have the time or flexibility of joining groups, but luckily Ron's courses are now available online!  For such low prices, you too can experience changes of a lifetime.


Ron will lead you step by step through his curriculum to help you make a lasting impact and change in your life. 

online Learning


Teach:able is an online learning platform where  you can stay up to date on the latest lessons by Ron Ovitt.  Follow along as Ron leads you through your life changing curriculum. 

One of the best things is that you will have forever access to the lesson videos!

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Habit Challenge

Without understanding habit change and knowing how to manage our triggers, responses, and rewards, we’re setting ourselves up for failure—our effort is either not working or is taking too long. This lesson provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in your Personal Habit Challenge.

Only $24.99

  • In depth information about habits

  • How to overcome and replace bad habits

  • Self discovery exercises

  • Free Habit Challenge App


Most people in the church aren’t involved in meaningful ministry. Has God put a longing in your heart to serve Him but you don’t know where to begin?  With the insights from this course, you will discover your spiritual gifts, ministry preferences, ministry skills, and your unique ministry drive.  Take the course today and unlock the ministry God has placed inside you

Only $19.99

  • Discover your spiritual gifts 

  • Unlocking your ministry potential 

  • Online Ministry Gifts assessment 

Wired for Ministry

Wired for Ministry - front book cover -

Personal health is on everyone’s mind—our emotional health, physical health, and relational health. IWhen things are unhealthy, bad things start to happen. But what about the health of our Christian experience? This course is full of wisdom and will lead the reader to investigate their own spiritual health and make adjustments where necessary. Only $19.99


  • Go through the 5 signs

  • Guide to being a Healthy Christian

  • Motivate and encourage you to maintain                                    a deep and meaningful spiritual life

5 Signs
Of A Healthy


We are busy! So what happens after the activity is through? We have downtime. 


This is an essential element of a balanced lifestyle and being your authentic self. However, it is what we do with that downtime that can get us in trouble. For many of us, downtime can play havoc with our discipline, temptations, habit control, and triggers.

Only $9.99 

  • Discover 5 ways downtime wreaks our habits

  • Unlock 9 practices to overcome struggles

Thinking Man on Couch

What to Do
With Downtime Temptations

Addiction is a liar. It promises relief, solutions, happiness, and wellbeing, but it does not produce any of that.. If you don’t work on what caused the addiction in the first place, you won’t eliminate the need your addiction is filling.  Yes, of course you want to quit. And here is the good news: You can wake up that way! You can be a non-addicted person! Only $9.99

  • Understanding your Addiction 

  • Challenge your Expectations

  • Learn your own reasoning

Stressed Woman

Why Can't
I Stop?

It is the mixture of time, people and places that make up the perfect storm. You can gain a lot of ground in your quest to change your habits and crush your cravings if you focus on identifying your triggers and creating and rehearsing a plan ahead of time for managing them.

  • Learn how to adjust your mindset

  • Work on controlling your emotions

  • Discover the Warnings of Relapse

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