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Getting Started With The Habit Challenge App


                           In order to get started with this Habit Challenge app you need to have a goal in mind. What is it you                             want to change?


                           It is surprising how many people try to change a habit and never stop to think about the goal they                                 are setting before them. Let’s see if we can zero in on what you want to change.


1. Be specific - What is the actual Habit you want to add or take away?


Many times, our goal is too general, for instance, “I want to be healthy.” Okay, what does that mean? What habits does that effect? Exercise, eating, sleeping, reducing stress or nutrition? Be specific and write down your goal






2. What reasons do you want to drop this habit or start a new one? 

This is key. It will help you when the going gets tough. Write down why you want to pursue this goal. What are the rewards you will get from it?









3. Be realistic – How difficult will it be?

Is this your first time? Have you tried before and relapsed? Either way, as you think of this habit you are going to break or new one you are going to add--rate the difficulty on a scale 1-5 (1 = should be a snap, 5 It will be a very difficult challenge).

Circle the level of difficulty  1…2…3…4…5


Do you need to start with a mini-goal?

A mini-goal can help you get going. Here is my rule of thumb. If you are stopping a habit, jump all in! It is difficult to wean yourself from a habit. If you drag it out over an extended* period, it only continues the habit longer and keeps the craving coming. Your habit may be the exception, but most people are better off going cold turkey.


*If you want to progressively wean yourself, then go into it with a schedule and stick to it. Don’t fool yourself.


Where a mini-goal really works is when you are adding a new habit. 

When I first started running, my goal was to eventually run 3-4 miles a day. However, I started with a ½ mile the first day (after all, how far do you need to run to be a runner?). In my mind the first ½ mile qualified me. So, I began! The first few days, I ran ¼ mile--sat down, and then ran back a ¼ mile! I got stronger every day and since that humble beginning, I have logged over 20,000 miles, either running or walking!


What is the goal you want to add? Start off with a small, achievable increments, then increase until you get to your goal.


Here are some of the ways I approached my habits

Running – mini goal and worked up

Lifting weights – mini-goal - light weight, low reps, built my way up.

Quit caffeine – Cold turkey

Quit sugar and carbs- Cold turkey

Quit biting nails -  Cold turkey

Daily devotions – Mini-goal, read one chapter of the Bible a day, worked my way up


What is your goal? ____________________________________________________________


What would be a great starting mini-goal? _________________________________________


How long will you give yourself to get up to your goal? _______________________________


4. PreLive it.

PreLive™ is an exercise where we imagine accomplishing the task at hand. We use all our senses. We visualize it, hear it, taste it, feel it, touch it. Whatever senses we can incorporate--we use them to create a vivid and realistic vision of accomplishing the goal.


STOP! Take 3 minutes and visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. See it, feel it.

Feel the excitement and satisfaction of accomplishing it!


How To Record Your Progress

Now that you have a habit you need to use the app to record your progress.


How To Add A New Habit

1. You add a new Habit that you want to change or begin by hitting the Record Today’s Progress button.


Go to the bottom of the page and click on Create New Habit. This will allow you to write in the name of the habit you are starting on.


2. Once you have written in the habit, NEXT click on the Choose Habit Length drop down icon. It will give you a choice between 10, 21, 28 or 60 Day Challenge. Choose the one you feel will be long enough to master the new habit. Sometimes I just start with 10 days. Then once I am doene with that I redo it for 60 days!


3. Next you can set an alarm if you want to help remind you to record your progress. If the night time is when you are most tempted you can set the alarm just before that time so you can encourage and motivate yourself to make it through the night without relapse.

You can set the time and toggle the button to where the alarm is off or on. (Red is on)

HINT – If you have more that one habit that you are working on around the same time you may only want to have the alarm on for one habit and keep it off for the others. This way you are not overly reminded with multiple alarms.


Now your habit is ready. Simply click on SAVE and you are ready to go.


Record Today’s Progress

The power of this app is in the daily recording of your habits. It will help reinforce your habit and encourage you in your progress.



Simply click on the habit you are choosing to record your progress with:


Let’s say you recorded - Stop Sugar


When you click on the Habit it will display the dates of your Habit Challenge (depending on whether you chose 10, 21, 28 0r 60 day Habit) It asks a simple question, “Did you succeed today?” They you can click on either, Yes or No.


If you click on “YES”, it will give you applause or a encouraging motivating message.


If you click on “No” that is okay. Try for the next day.

A slip once in a while is not a reason to quit. You want to keep trying. However, if you have too many slips then you are not ready yet and need to stop and regroup. Simply hit the Delete Habit button, then go back to our Habit Challenge Book and rethink your situation. Also seek some help from someone you trust that knows about your kind of habit. When ready start over again fresh. Whatever you do, don’t quit. You have come this far. It is too important not to finish what you have started.


Delete Habit

If you have mastered your goal ahead of time or have finished the amount of days designated, then you can hit the Delete Habit button.


Use the other Buttons

In order to keep you going and help you succeed use our other buttons. Go ahead and click on each one so you can see what they are about and how they can help you. They when you need them simply CLICK on the button you need.

  • Manage Your Trigger Checklist

  • Craving Intensity Meter

  • Spiritual Tool Box

  • Craving Tool

  • Relapse Warning Signs

  • 5 Steps To Overcome Craving

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